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10 services the best CRM software today

A business development only when they maintain strong relationships with their customers. The local restaurant can easily do this by quick chat with the customer to buy a sandwich. But for companies that have more complex structures, software CRM – Customer Relationship Management is a tool support is especially important.

Each CRM solutions have different functions, and therefore our prices are different.


CRM software allows your employees to create, transfer and management of customer requirements, and when customers make a phone call, a representative of the company can log in letter This item the customer to view the history of customer service that has been used and enter new information. CRM sales software to give businesses the right tools to manage the entire sales process, from the creation of Lead (customer demand) quality, improve work efficiency projects guess and even promote a transaction. Marketing CRM system is able to track the campaign through various marketing channels such as mail and traditional call, email, search engines and social networks.

Most CRM solutions consist of all functions as mentioned above, although the low-cost solution provides only a very small fraction of these functions. Some CRM solution can download version, while other solutions work on cloud computing platform and can run on a smartphone or tablet.

But the market is not the most attractive software, but CRM is definitely an extremely large market: Gartner predicts the market will be worth up to US $ 36.5 billion worldwide by the year 2017. And the now know exactly how to choose a CRM solution is also very important; a system with millions of properties that no one can statistically or not someone can use it completely useless. That’s why we put 10 leading CRM vendors this together.

The CRM system in this list are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Accessibility
  • Market value

Our intention is to introduce the reader the best CRM version currently available on the market today.


When it comes to deploying CRM, undeniable leadership of Salesforce. Basically, the company has a total value of $ 37 billion was invented CRM Web platform and has dominated the market for a long time. According to Gartner, Salesforce account for about 14% market share in the CRM market, with sales estimated at $ 2.5 billion in 2012. All customers, from small businesses to large corporations, it seems like management functions of sales, marketing management and administration services platform Web CRM system provides, that this is only appropriate databases in the cloud.

Salesforce CRM is integrated with a number of other services such as chat (on the Enterprise Social Network) and can operate on devices using iOS and Androi. Previously, portability was a weak point of this software, but Salesforce is hoping to change this with Salesforce1, third attempt in the mobile sector, to be published in the conference and the user Dreamforce 2013 developers.

Software package Salesforce CRM is priced from $ 5 to $ 300 per month / user, depending on the features that you want to own (the version that businesses or use cost about $ 125 / month / user) . If you run a small business and want to automate some processes, select the package cheap and simple little more complicated. If not, choose a system with more powerful custom utility enhances the core function.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Microsoft (like the others) have followed Salesforce CRM market with 6.3% market share, corresponding to 1.1 billion in 2012, according to Gartner. However, the “big” Microsoft was serious about Dynamics CRM platform – platform has grown rapidly in the past few years. Dynamics CRM can be used to download the latest version (around $ 5,000 for the server software and approximately $ 1.100 for each user name) and Web archive format (which costs $ 65 per month).

The biggest advantage of its Dynamics CRM is integrated with other Microsoft applications, from simple applications such as Outlook and Office to the resource planning applications such as Dynamics GP. And in October, Microsoft released Dynamics CRM application on the mobile phone, this application can run on iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablet.

Businesses can use Outlook should definitely consider using Dynamics CRM because the system will simplify the tracking of an email account, a contact, or a sales opportunity. But some people do not like the user interface of Dynamics CRM – especially the interface for the browser version – because of Dynamics CRM interface that users encounter many difficulties in navigation software.

Oracle Sales Cloud

According to Gartner, Oracle sizeable market share in the CRM market, approximately 11.1% with revenues of more than $ 2 billion in 2012. But based CRM version download (CRM On Demand) received little response positive response from customers. However, the version of CRM cloud computing platform – the new Oracle product, is a significant step forward. Based on open standards, this product provides an intuitive interface, Android and iOS apps, and social network support for Oracle’s enterprise. However, the cost of this system is quite high: Software CRM sales platform cloud computing Oracle is priced from $ 100 to $ 200 per user / month, depending on which version you choose (standard edition, the enterprise, or an enhanced version).

 The Oracles products are diverse, so it is difficult to grasp the overall direction of the company, even in the field of CRM. But the acquisition of cloud applications company recently this is a positive move demonstrates the company is trying to catch up with Salesforce.



Founded in 2004, SugarCRM provides a lightweight platform with open source CRM has proven its popularity in the small and medium enterprises. SugarCRM has the download version and the version of cloud storage and cost ranges from $ 35 to $ 150 per user / month, or you can buy it right away.

SugarCRM has mobile apps for iOS row system, Android, and BlackBerry. Desktop version integrates with a number of email, calendar and file management applications, including Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Google Apps, and Box. And for SugarCRM open source, developers can easily customize the program. However, before you build a new feature, make sure that it does not exist on SugarExchange – a market for SugarCRM module, the language packs Themes and expand. SugarCRM also provide some specific versions dedicated to a few specific sectors.

SugarCRM does not have many rich features such as Salesforce, but not every business needs a complex solution Salesforce, SugarCRM and certainly suggests there is a more affordable price.

Workbooks CRM

Founded in 2007, Workbooks Online Freemium strategic use of CRM software for your Web platform. Two users can use the free basic functions of Workbooks, while the more advanced version of CRM corresponding cost from £ 19 ($ 31.19) to £ 39 ($ 64.03) for each user / month. Workbooks CRM target customers are small and medium enterprises, and the object appears to have really enjoyed using this system.

Workbooks CRM has a simple user interface, so the business can be easy to use without having to participate in the training of service providers CRM. Workbooks API also allows developers to integrate third-party applications such as Outlook to the system, and Workbooks CRM also has mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry. Many clients criticized the reporting of Workbooks, but the updated version on May 9/2013 has revised reporting system.

The main advantage is the price of Workbooks CRM: Workbooks CRM does not have the features diverse, but it is quite cheap.


Founded in 2009, offers a solution Insightly CRM cloud platform Freemium (1) for small businesses. Insightly announced more than 350,000 users of its services around the world, but an investor revealed that only a few tens of thousands of users actually pay money to pay for this software. Insightly service is probably the least expensive CRM in this list: The free version supports up to three users, while more advanced version costs only a few dozen dollars for each user: Version boot ($ 29 / month), the premium edition ($ 49 / month), and the professional version ($ 99 / month).

The tight integration with Google apps, Gmail, and Google Drive helped Insightly has growth rapidly. Support for Google’s services are still clear, but now Insightly also be integrated with Evernote, Office 365, Outlook, and MailChimp. Insightly mobile applications that can run on iOS and Android devices.

Insightly not strong enough for big business, but it is a choice of affordable CRM is very attractive for new business start trading.


Nimble is a relatively new member of the CRM market. Starting in 2009, the company provides a Web-based CRM application that features integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. It links all the social accounts of customers to provide a broader view of their relationship with your business. Nimble has a mobile app for iOS. And for only $ 15 per month per user, Nimble CRM software is a very comfortable price.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a Freemium offered by Zoho Corp., the company was founded in 2005 and CRM software announced its Web platform in 2006. Zoho CRM offers free version for three users or less and the cost ranges from $ 12 to $ 35 per user / month on three different levels of support (Standard, Professional, and Premium). Zoho CRM is integrated with popular social networking sites, Google Apps, Outlook, and QuickBooks. The software also has an API for developers – people who want to build custom integration. The mobile application Zoho CRM runs on iOS devices, Android, and Blackberry.

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite – the system is based on business management software cloud platform since 2007 – with a CRM solution with target customers are companies of all sizes, but this software works best for small and medium enterprises. Price of NetSuite does not compete as other systems, but this is a software worth the money: The basic package costs an initial $ 79 per month / user, while NetSuite CRM + is priced originally about $ 129 per month / users. This will help you get the advanced options more useful for automating the sales force, marketing automation, sales order management, sales forecasting, and more. NetSuite CRM weaknesses is its lack of options on a mobile phone, NetSuite now provides only a single application on the iPhone.

Veeva CRM

With all other Veeva CRM solutions in this list by built specifically for the industry life sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical devices) and is the only CRM solution with the legal requirements unique and challenging applications sales. Software Veeva cloud platform can monitor prescribing habits of customers that still comply with industry regulations. Veeva CRM is built on Force.com, but completely different from the Salesforce CRM. Recently, the company has a stock issuance success on the New York stock market, and this may prompt other companies to start thinking about CRM solutions for specific industries.

Source: VentureBeat / 2014 – Author: Eric Blattberg

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