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Eleven recommendations for planning a Customer Relationship Management strategy that creates early success and achieves outstanding long term value.

1. Build a Projects Team:

A recommended CRM project team will include an executive sponsor, project manager, CRM administrator & key users.

2. Define your CRM vision:

Set high level goals for your strategy. Examples may include better reporting, shorter sales cycles, converting more marketing lead & improved customer retention.

3. Prioritise your CRM Goals:

Plan your CRM implementation with a phased approach that focuses on quick wins.

4. Define your processes:

Review your processes to access how they’ll be managed by a CRM application.

5. Consider Reporting Output:

Confirm the critical metrics that you want CRM system to measure. Think about the type of reports, charts & dashboards you’ll need to track progress.

6. CRM fields & Data:

Confirm what data you need to track on each CRM record including contacts, sales opportunities, support cases, campaign, lead & any other relationship & process that need to be managed.

7. Prepare data:

What data needs to be imported to your new CRM system? How clean is it? If you’re importing history how far do you want to go back? What type of records will be imported in addition to contacts & companies?

8. Integrating CRM

Which applications will your CRM application need to integrate with? What level of integration is need with other data sources? This may include read-only access, 1-way or 2-way sync, order processing & website integration.

9. User access & Security:

How will CRM data be share among teams? Considers what level of access each user role should have. Do any permissions need to be withheld e.g export to Excel or access all records?

10. Identify the Risks:

Every CRM project has risks involving technology, users & processes. Access the biggest risks to your project and take steps to mitigate these threats.

11. Create a user adoption strategy:

Poor user adoption is the No.1 cause of CRM pain. Consult key users for ideas at an early stage and stimulate interest. Secure visible CRM commitment from board level. Nominate a CRM ‘go-to’ person in each department and give users the benefit of more than just a genetic training session.

Now that you have 11 steps to process your Customer Relationship Management project, contact OnlineCRM to discuss & implement your strategy with advice from our CRM experts.

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11 Steps to plan CRM Eleven recommendations for planning a Customer Relationship Management strategy that creates early success and achieves outstanding long term value

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