What is the difference between SugarExchange and SugarForge?

SugarForge is where the Sugar developer community collaborates and creates products. SugarExchange is where Sugar users, system administrators and business owners go to discover, download and purchase extensions, themes and language packs

How is Sugar licensed?

Sugar Community Edition is licensed under the GPLv3 public license. See the SugarCRM GPLv3 FAQ for more details. The Sugar Professional Edition and Sugar Enterprise Edition are both licensed under the SugarCRM Subscription Agreement.

Does SugarCRM support mobile devices?

The answer is: SugarCRM is integrated to accessing and use on smartphone with Sugar Professional version and Sugar Enterprise. This did not has in Sugar Community Edition. But if our customer would like to integrate this function for Sugar Community |

Using SugarCRM is too difficult?

For the new user when they start to use SugarCRM at the first time, they also said that: SugarCRM had so much function, and so hard to experience. However, all most people after a short time to use, they liked |

What is the basic difference between SugarCRM and other products of the same type?

Trả lời: Nowadays, we have more big 10 points different between SugarCRM and another traditional CRM software. However, we can remember 2 big point of SugarCRM: 1/ SugarCRM is played on website (in another hand, SugarCRM is a software run |

Do we need to import again if we are saving customer information in excel and want to change to use SugarCRM?

The answer is:  SugarCRM support user the import function from Excel (.csv) or unicode text (.txt) so you only have to learn about the import function on SugarCRM. SugarCRM don’t care about the style of file (exp: number and name of |

How the new staff can follow activities was handed over?

The answer is: New comer obviously can follow all activities of the old staff with customers. When he/she click to the customer detail then he/she click to the button “diary change”, they will be see all activities of the old |

What are the system requirements for running SugarCRM?

System component Supported versions Comments Platform Linux/Unix/Mac OS Any platform version that supports PHP from http://php.net IBM i Any IBM i version that runs the latest Zend Server for IBM i DB2 is not supported on IBM i Windows Windows Server |

Why SugarCRM is not allow to delete a user?

The answer is: SugarCRM is not allow to delete user to protect user and the related detail. We don’t have any function to delete a user, however admin can change the status of user from active or passive to support |

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What is SugarCRM?

Sugar CRM software customer relationship management for the great companies of small and medium sized. Particularly for the U.S., the price of the software solutions are always the top issues, the Sugar CRM is really a good solution not only for companies but also small and medium-range practical for both large companies

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