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1 What is Cloud CRM?

To put it succinctly: Cloud CRM is serviced CRM software that runs on the web.

02The advantages of Cloud CRM

  • No server:

Không cần Server

After studying and appropriate, customers will sign up and pay to use the software without any preparation equipment infrastructure or staff at all.

  • Deploy and use immediately:

Unlike the first deployment on demand CRM Software, Cloud CRM for registration only after the service, customers will be given an account to use immediately.

Triển khai và dùng ngay

  • The initial investment cost less:

chi phí thấp

Just with one small initial cost minimum, customers can equip yourself with a CRM software with full basic features.

In the long run, in case customers want to switch to custom package (extended feature request), we still respond to customers.

03 Cloud CRM is deployed like?

Cloud CRM deployment process will be as follows:

Step 1: Register to use the service

Customers using the service registration HERE

Step 2: Confirm registration and payment

System email registration confirmation email services, customers view and confirm one more time.

After confirmation using the service, customers can pay online or via the payment method HERE

Step 3: Create an account and send customer account

After receiving payment, OnlineCRM will immediately create a list of email accounts and sent to customers.

Clients note change its default password for privacy.

Step 4: Manual

OnlineCRM orientation will have 1-2 direct use FREE customized packages for clients to use the service.

In addition, we also provide material support using online HERE

Step 5: Using the service

Customers using the service has been initialized OnlineCRM.
Time to use the service from client registration and certification service users.

Step 6: Support

With each client, will create 1 account OnlineCRM logged into the system http://support.onlinecrm.vn Customer Portal. During use, if any problems need our support, customers can log into the system to support your request.

We will handle and respond within 2 hours to 24 hours after receiving the request.

For more information or need advice (free), please contact:

0935 543 543 (Mr. Học) 

Hotline: 0935 543 543

Skype 1: thao.nguyen.uit

Skype 2: hoc.buicao

What is SugarCRM?

Sugar CRM software customer relationship management for the great companies of small and medium sized. Particularly for the U.S., the price of the software solutions are always the top issues, the Sugar CRM is really a good solution not only for companies but also small and medium-range practical for both large companies

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