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Vietnam Customers Management Software Company – – whose brandname is OnlineCRM – was set up on 2010, December.

We specialize in producing, providing and consulting solutions for enterprise customer management.

Our strengths are Consulting, Producing and Providing intensive customer management solutions (CRM) with specific industry such as CRM for travel, CRM for Real estate, CRM for Education & Training, CRM for Transportation-Logistics, CRM for Media, CRM for E-commerce .v.v…


Our belief in the future has been established on the fact that we strongly believe that high technology industry in general, and information technology industry in particular, will become a key national industry in the near future, within 5-10 years. Along with applying technology solutions in enterprises, including CRM solutions, will help Vietnamese enterprises increase competition advantages, increase invisible and visible values of enterprises, hence, help enterprises develop efficiently and steadily.


To become one of three leading companies that deloy solutions for Customer Management (CRM) in Vietnam and in South-East Asia region.


We always try out best to research and be creative to make distinctive products and services. With these products and services, our mission is to help at least 1000 Vietnamese and regional enterprises manage and exploit customers in a more efficient way.

  • Sincerity & Truthfulness
  • Speed & Quality
  • Creativitiy & Distinction
  • Solidarity & Devotion

We have a conception that doing business is a progress of “Giving is Receiving”. Therefore, we always try our best to create “values to give – our distinctive products and services” – as many as possible. We also understand intensively that success or failure of customers is also our success or failure. Customers’ success level is also our company’s. Therefore, we commit to always keep the spirit of “Giving is Receiving” in every behavior, consciousness of each members in our company. We want to set it up as a “culture genre” in our company.

With the above business philosophy, we believe that community as well as customers will strongly identify with us in order to build a healthy, humane and solid business environment.


Hotline: 0935 543 543

Skype 1: thao.nguyen.uit

Skype 2: hoc.buicao

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Sugar CRM software customer relationship management for the great companies of small and medium sized. Particularly for the U.S., the price of the software solutions are always the top issues, the Sugar CRM is really a good solution not only for companies but also small and medium-range practical for both large companies

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