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Actually status

Problems you are experiencing

A. Common problems:

  1. Do not get a comprehensive view of the customer (including the basic information, contact information, and transactions with customers, …) serving business;
  2. Difficult to exploit potential customer data to looking for new customers.
  3.  Enterprise easy to lost customer information after staff stop working at company.
  4. Wasting many time to manage and make manual reports, therefor enterprise couldn’t have enough time to looking for new customer, attract potential customer and satisfied customer demands.
  5. A lot of important information is not shared between employees and leaders promptly; even more customer feedback overlooked or forgotten in the management process;
  6.  Difficult to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of sales staff as well as predictions, forecasts of sales in the current business and prospects.
  7. Each department will approach information and solve customer problems individual and distributed. Customer care department can not follow all customer problems is happened everyday.
  8. Enterprise is using a lot of difference software system, so CRM solution need to estimate time to overall between CRM and these systems.

B. Sales and Marketing problems

  • Customer information was overlaping and disoder.
  • No general rule when input, leading to data entered into the system incorrectly, making it difficult for the search, extracted later
  • No functional modules supporting sales operations: Quotes, price database, find the best price …
  • The report also craft: KPI employee by day, week, month, quarter, year; Results of appointments, meetings customer

D.  Accounting

Manual managing issues

  • Dept management
  • Sales report
  • Income and outcome management.

E. Manager’s problems

  • Difficult in monitoring customer care process of sales man.
  • Couldn’t know exactly rating change from potential to real customer.
  • Couldn’t grasp customer demands, customer needs via approach and customer care of sales man.
  • Evaluating efficiency working of staff (KPI)

F. Board’s problems

  • Forcasting sales in a period time.
  • Making sales report with different criteria
  • Not enough tools to support decision (reports, analyze and statistics base on customer data

To solve problems, we propose software solution “SugarCRM-Logistics”


“SugarCRM-Logistics” solution


1/ For Sales staff/ sales department
– Customer information management.
– Manage information database of suppliers
– Quotations management
– Contracts management
– Balance management
– Follow payment process of customer.

2/ For Customer care department

–  Auto sending congratulation email for special event of customer.
–  Follow communication process of customer.
–  Scoring for customer with many criteria
–  To classify customer.

3/ For manage department
– Following staff working calendar.
– Following revenue via reports.
– Decentralization/ Role for user
– Overview reports, detail about customer, sales, task, daily activities of staff.

4/ In addition, the software also includes features and utilities such as:
– Export to PDF :  the form of contracts, quotes, tours available form
– Changing content of the form when clients need.
– Reminding birthday, special day of customer.

Why you choose SugarCRM-Logistics

Why you should choose our SugarCRM-Travel?

The reasons for you to consider selection our SugarCRM-Travel product:

– Running online. Access anywhere, anytime as long as an Internet connection. In addition to the ability to run online, the software can be installed internally in order to run the company (offline).

– Global standardization: Sugar being developed and launched in the US – where there are economic development and is leading the market CRM product in the world. And has applications in production and business activities from the very  long so Sugar itself inception has brought very high standardization. Today, with flexible customization features, language diversity, low cost and high stability helped Sugar increasingly have a large community of users in most countries.

Software “2 in 1”: SugarCRM-Travel can carry both software functionality of customer relationship management (CRM) and the function of the business travel software. However, customers can request to use only 1 in 2 or even 2 functions.

Increase work efficiency: This Software has export function of the type of quotes, contracts, tours, group plans, booking by fax to Word file, PDF to minimize the job ‘paper’ . In addition, the ability to access online would also be useful to the sales staff, executive or management level often have to move much.

– Increase customer care efficiency:  software capabilities marketing integrated by email and sms . Users can use both 2 feature to support the customer care operations of the company. In addition, the mechanism automatically filters VIP customers, intimate, potentially, the software will also help the company operate Customer care,  instead of sorting and processing data on Excel file.

In addition, with providing customer portal (Customer Portal) + IP Call Center integrated with CRM, customer care will be regulated and professional

Customer Portal tools: customers will know their history transactions with company: how many the contract was signed, many of lading is created, the payment period was, how the incident …

By integrating IP Vs CRM Call Center:  control call in/ call out,  support display customer information when customer is calling to call center, log calls into history working with customers …

– Increase the number of potential customers: by providing tools such as email and SMS marketing, software can help users to send information to a mass potential customers quickly and cost most .

One more further highlight is a capability to know the number of customer who has read email, it’s make marketer know the effective of campaign. From that, changing the plan more appreciate.

Ability to customize and expand flexibility in the model, company business processes. Our software is particularly strong in the aspect of flexibility, expand, shrink software with company model. Depending on customer needs, we will advise and propose solutions to the most appropriate software.

Advantages of decentralized function in system is possible decentralized in all models  corporate ranks from simple to complex.

+ Staff: only see their data
+ Head of division: your data is considered and the whole room (staff under their management)
+ Director level: see all data of the company

– Running all most of web sever (HĐH) :Window/Linux/Mac OS.

– Running on every operating system.
– And much more convenient …


Viewing SugarCRM- Logistics process


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What is SugarCRM?

Sugar CRM software customer relationship management for the great companies of small and medium sized. Particularly for the U.S., the price of the software solutions are always the top issues, the Sugar CRM is really a good solution not only for companies but also small and medium-range practical for both large companies

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