When using information from OnlineCRM website, you implicitly agree to the following provisions:

1: Using information on OnlineCRM website

For any situation using information, you must note the information source from OnlineCRM website.  You are not allow to upload, send, publish, re-publish, share or transmit or distribute any portion of the Website OnlineCRM, or make another edit version base on OnlineCRM website if you don’t have any permission from us.  In case our information on website have origin related with the third party, then user have to note the information source from the third party.

 2: Supporting information for OnlineCRM. 

When you provide information to us, that mean you agreed with us:
Accepting for OnlineCRM total authorized to use information, to licence ( combine spirit authorized or another) for using. display, re-publish, editing, make to appropriate, publish, provide, proceed, translating, and make the derivative versions or combinations, partly or wholly, on a global scale without requiring remuneration.

This authorization shall apply to any form, media, technology already known or later developed; you should note that the article (post) on the board, or in the region can continue to be allowed to lie on our website even if your account was deleted for any reason.
You warrant that you have all the legal rights, mental and other rights necessary to grant permission to us under the terms set forth in this section;
You acknowledge and agree that we shall have the authorization (but no obligation), to refuse to publish or to remove or block access to any content you provide at any time, with any any reason, with or without notice.

3: Limitation of liability and guarantee
All information is intended solely for your general reference. OnlineCRM not accept any liability whatsoever for such information

Accessing to and use of the website by you completely self-responsibility. The entire liability of us in our service and limited by law. We do not endorse, guarantee or warranty of any materials, products or services are offered through us or our website. We are not a component involved in any transaction between you and a third party.

In any case, also refused OnlineCRM liability to you or any person for any loss, even directly, indirectly, incidental, special, or a consequence of other events, including loss of business or profits, arising from the using or inability to use information OnlineCRM, even if OnlineCRM have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Liability limits in the regulation will apply to the full-scale current law was recently allowed.

Additional information

In case one or some terms of using regulation shall conflicts with another provisions of the law and was considered invalid by the Court, this terms will be edited to appropriate with the provision of current law, and the rest of Regulation will be unchanged.

If any party can not demonstrate their authorization in Regulation won’t be deemed a waiver of that party’s authorization and this authorization will be in full forced  and effected

You agree that any complaint or litigation arising from this website must be filed within one (1) year after the claim or legal proceedings that arise, if no complaint will be completely disabled;

We may transfer rights and their obligations pursuant to this Regulation shall be used and we will be released from any obligations arising later

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